4 Excellent Ways To Stop Infection From Spreading

4 Excellent Ways To Stop Infection From Spreading

With cold weather quickly approaching, the likelihood of infection spreading grows more and more with each passing day. According to a recent study, every year millions of people suffer from healthcare-associated infections, and we don’t want you to be one of the millions this year. In this article, we will briefly discuss four ways to stop infection from spreading. We at Frontline ER in Richmond, TX, hope to keep many free from infection with the following list.

Hand Washing Saves Lives

Washing your hands properly with soap and water can kill any bacteria from spreading further infections. A lack of proper hand hygiene always contributes to the spread of infection. The same thing can happen when sick people cough or sneeze without closing their mouth, as they immediately let virus agents loose in the air.

Avoid Unsafe Water

Making sure that you always ingest and use clean water is extremely important. If you’re not positive about where the water you’re using comes from, don’t use it. Unclean water used for cooking or drinking is highly dangerous.

Careful Food Preparation and Storage

There are some foods that need to be prepared carefully, and other foods can spoil under certain conditions and attract germs as well as bacteria. It’s important to both prepare and store your food properly, so if you are unsure feel free to go online and ask a friend.

Be Careful With Animals

When it comes to animals in the wild, it is a wise decision to keep your distance from them. It can sometimes be unclear to know what infections rabid animals might be carrying. When it comes to your pets, make sure they’ve been vaccinated against infection and keep their food stored in a safe place.

Always practice these tips to stop infection and its tracks! Frontline ER, we are always open to seeing our patients if an emergency strikes. Our clinic is well equipped to handle a wide range of emergencies, so give us a call as soon as possible. Feel free to also save our number in your phone in the case of an emergency;