5 Tips to Deal With Flying Anxiety…and 3 Things That Don’t Help

5 Tips to Deal With Flying Anxiety…and 3 Things That Don’t Help

Anxiety is no laughing matter. It can sometimes lead to someone ending up in the emergency room in Richmond. This is because it can often lead to panic attacks, which are thought to the heart attacks. They share similar symptoms which is why you might end up in an urgent care near you, or even in the ER in Richmond, TX.

Anxiety can rear its ugly head at any time, but this is especially true for people who get scared of flying. Read on for some tips to deal with your flying anxiety – and for 3 things that aren’t helpful.

Helpful Tips

  1. Do some research
  2. There are some great statistics out there that show that airplanes are actually quite safer than any other type of transportation. This includes… escalators. That’s right. You’re more likely to be injured riding an escalator than you are on an airplane. Knowing this can help ease your fears about the possibility of getting hurt.

  3. Know the Safety Recommendations
  4. Being out of control on airplane might be scary because there’s nowhere for you to go if something does go wrong. However, you do have control over something: you can make sure that you understand the various safety recommendations completely! Pay attention when it comes time for the safety demos, and read the extra safety card.

  5. Practice a Ritual
  6. Having a ‘good luck’ ritual before you fly may seem silly, but it can also give you a sense of control, which can then help you relax. This can vary from person to person. You might just have a lucky pair of socks that you want to wear, or a breathing exercise that you might want to do.

  7. Bring Something on the Plane
  8. Bring something with you that you’ve been looking forward to. This might be a new book that you haven’t finished reading yet, or a movie that you’ve been dying to watch. This can provide a lot of distraction and hopefully you’ll be absorbed in it enough to let go of some of your fear.

  9. Think About Your Destination
  10. Just keep reminding yourself that you’re on the plane for a reason. You’re heading somewhere – whether it’s a work trip, a family vacation, or something else.

Things Not to Do

  1. Don’t Watch Movies about Plane Accidents
  2. Reading or watching a movie that has to deal with plane accidents can make you worry even more! Avoid doing this before your trip.

  3. Don’t Overthink
  4. Dwelling on what could happen can raise your anxiety and make you feel like all those ‘what ifs’ are going to come true. Focus on the good things instead!

  5. Don’t Focus on Teleporting

You should never, even think about teleporting somewhere instantly! After all, you might just end up in a bad mood that Harry Potter can simply step into a fireplace whereas you’re stuck on a plane for a few hours! How unfair!