6 Simple Tips for Using an Ice Bath for Injury Recovery

While the initial thought of taking an ice bath may seem intimidating to some people reading this, the truth is that an ice bath can have many therapeutic benefits. All you need to do is watch a sports event – whether it’s boxing, body building, MMA, triathlon, or more – and chances are that you’ll […]

Is It Really Food Poisoning?

It seems that every week there’s an increasing number of media reports about food poisoning. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), reports that more than 48,000 people get sick and 3,000 people die each year from foodborne illness. That means a lot of people are left to seek “emergency care near […]

Three Common Skin Rashes in Children

When your children go back to school, they can end up getting sick from all the other children they’ll be interacting with. This can lead to a trip to an urgent care in Richmond, or even to the Frontline ER in Richmond. One of the most common ways that your child might start getting ill […]

How to Get Healthy

Beginning the road to healthiness is something everyone should strive to do. How do you get healthy, though? There are various ways you can begin, including your eating habits, how much you exercise, being positive, and getting enough rest. It also involves taking care of yourself when you’re sick, which can mean heading to an […]

Hurt at Work? 5 Ways a Workplace Injury Can Hurt Your Family Finances

You might not like to think about getting hurt and having to get emergency treatment near you. Oftentimes a workplace injury in Richmond can wreak havoc on a family’s finances. This is especially if there is no worker’s compensation or disability payments following the workplace injury treatment in Richmond. The following list is comprised of […]

Should I Take My Child to Urgent Care?

As a parent, you’ll probably be faced with this question at some point in your child’s adventure into adulthood. Especially if time is important to you and you worry how long it will be before you can get in to see your child’s primary care provider. A situation such as that could leave many a […]

5 Tips to Boost Well-Being in The Workplace

If you’re a human resource professional, you may be interested in learning about ways to reduce sick days in the workplace. And if you’re a health and safety professional, you may be especially interested in ways to reduce lost-time injuries to keep your employees from having to seek treatment from an emergency room in Richmond. […]

CareNow Can Help With Illnesses, X-Rays, Labs and More

There is a lot of appreciation going around for CareNow, which is an urgent care near you. Ending up in the Emergency Room in Richmond is no fun – it usually means someone is sick or someone has gotten hurt. CareNow is there for people when they need it. If you have come down with […]

Don’t Eat That! 6 Poisonous Plants to Avoid This Holiday Season

The Holiday season is the time for the giving of plants and for the decorating with plants. It is important to know that some of the plants prevalent during the Holidays are poisonous and can cause health issues if ingested. The doctors and the team of medical professionals at Frontline ER, a 24-hour emergency facility […]