Tips for Taking Care of Stitches

tips for taking care of stitches

When you get a small cut, you probably treat it by applying a bandage. This is usually enough to keep it dry and clean in order to heal properly. However, for larger cuts and minor lacerations, stitches, also known as sutures, will be necessary as those wounds can’t heal on their own. Stitches are also […]

Emergency Care Trends to Watch in 2018: The Year of the Patient

emergency care trends to watch in the year of the patient

Emergency care is witnessing a strong, steady growth which is fueled by patient’s demand. Patients are increasingly taking charge of their healthcare choices and are deciding more than ever how they receive care. Stakeholders will need to engage more with patients and focus on their healthcare experiences. These are the new trends for 2018: Increased […]

Teens and Food Allergies

teens and food allergies

It’s just a simple fact of life that when children are younger, say, toddler age, parents are much more worried and involved in the wellbeing of their children than when they are in their teenage years when it comes to food allergies. By the time a child is well into their adolescence, parents start to […]

What You Can Do to Prevent the Flu

what you can do to prevent the flu

Did you know that over 100 people have died this flu season in Northern Texas alone? During this flu season, 69 patients in Richmond County have died due to complications of the flu virus with the majority of flu-related deaths occurring since January 1st. Unfortunately, flu season is far from over according to the CDC, […]

How to Spot a Heart Attack

achieving better health

February is here once again and with it comes Valentine’s Day, hearts and of course, candy! But for a large number of people, February is also heart health month. They are on a mission to inform and educate people about the importance of heart health and how understanding your cardiovascular system could be the difference […]