Depression and Anxiety Around the Holidays

Depression and Anxiety Around the Holidays

Most people associate sadness and depression around the holidays with Christmas. But in truth, depression is not discriminant when it comes to call. It can have the same impact on someone at Easter as it does at Christmas. For that reason, it’s important to note the following signs of depression every day of the year.

Signs That You or a Loved One May be Depressed

Everyone will have a different way of expressing their sadness. But for the most part, if you notice the following, there’s a good chance the individual is experiencing a depressive episode and may need to seek urgent care in Richmond:

  • Do they seem to be more withdrawn than usual?
  • Do they behave more erratically and impulsively?
  • Do they seem more irritable and less responsive to texts and phone calls?
  • Do they avoid talking about future plans?
  • Do they say things like, “I have nothing to look forward to – or live for”?

They Are Not Alone

The National Alliance on Mental Illness reports that 1 in 5 adults will experience some form of mental illness in their lifetime. While this information is not intended to comfort anyone experiencing a major depressive disorder, it can provide comfort to those who are feeling especially alone during a holiday or other important date.

It May Not Be Depression Afterall

It’s important to point out that some people look for an “emergency room near me” during the holidays for reasons other than depression. One of the most common symptoms that people are treated for around the holidays is stress – and in some cases, stress can mimic some of the symptoms of depression.

But since both depression and stress can lead to more serious medical conditions, anyone who is experiencing symptoms that they are unfamiliar with – whether it’s the holiday season or not – should indeed identify an ER near me to diagnose and treat the symptoms. Leaving the condition unchecked could lead to more serious conditions.

The Takeaway

Sadness, moodiness, anxiety, and stress should never be taken — they are your body telling you that it needs help, regardless of the date on the calendar!