Dr. Jorge Trujillo

Dr. Jorge Trujillo

Medical Director Frontline ER Richmond Location

In 1994, Jorge Trujillo completed his emergency medicine residency at the Texas Tech Health Science Center in El Paso, TX. He came back to Houston to launch his hospital-based ER career. Back then, Texas Tech was the only option in the state for emergency room medicine training. Since that time, the landscape for patient care and ER medicine has changed dramatically.

As. Dr. Trujillo’s career has moved forward, he proudly achieved the position of Medical Director at Memorial Hermann Medical Center in Houston. He is happy to say that this facility evolved into a flagship institution. With the induction of freestanding ERs, Dr. Trujillo had concerns about whether these clinics can provide the same level of care that is offered at a traditional hospital ER. Over time, he concluded that it may be in his best interest to consider shifting the tail end of his medical career to a freestanding emergency facility affiliated with a Houston-based healthcare system.

At the appropriate time, Dr. Trujillo transitioned to a freestanding emergency room with the required affiliation. He was surprised to find that he was able to provide equal or superior care while spending more time with patients and their loved ones. It became clear that the future of ER care was in the hospital, but instead in the community. This is where patients can be tended to and treated much faster and more efficiently. This approach eliminates the need to wait patiently for hours to be seen in an ER waiting room.

After witnessing the positive attitude of his medical staff, Dr. Trujillo was rejuvenated. He was reminded of what drew him to emergency medicine and why he developed a love for it. Therefore, once the opportunity arose for the Houston doctor to create his own freestanding ER, his path was set in motion. Frontline Emergency Room was launched with Dr. Trujillo and a partnership with three other physicians.

Starting and operating Frontline has allowed the Houston doctor to have a say in how the other doctors and staff are expected to provide patient care. There is a 3A program in use at the Frontline ER. This is means you are always in the network, we are always here for you and we are always open. The 3A philosophy demonstrates our commitment as healthcare providers to deliver high-quality care with minimal to no waiting and instant access to medical assistance. We strive to surpass patient expectations, so you will never experience a lengthy wait time, as a traditional hospital emergency room.

There are many obstacles to face with freestanding emergency rooms. We need to educate the surrounding communities and let them know we are here to service them. There is a difference between ER care and emergency care. If you can wait for treatment, then an emergency care clinic or a visit with your primary care provider is the better option. But for those patients who need to be seen immediately, or if an emergency care is not readily available, a freestanding ER is the right choice.

As per Texas mandate, Dr. Trujillo’s freestanding emergency rooms are newer facilities with up-to-date pharmacy, laboratories, and digital imaging departments with x-rays, ultrasound, and CT scans.

All these advanced technologies combined with certified and trained physicians and medical staff, allow us to overcome the obstacles we face and provide the highest quality patient care possible. In close to some 25 years of practicing as an ER physician, Dr. Trujillo knew this was the right direction for his Houston patients. Shorter wait times means faster attention to emergency symptoms, lower cost than with a traditional hospital ER, and more physician time. These are the reasons why freestanding ERs are the future of emergency health care.