Early Onset Dementia and Brain Injuries at the Workplace

Early Onset Dementia and Brain Injuries at the Workplace

Americans love contact sports and football is one of our most beloved pastimes. Recently, the risks associated with playing football have received increased national attention. Famous athletes including Jim McMahon and Tony Dorsett continue to slam the NFL with lawsuits relating to head injuries. Even with all this negative press, the NFL has failed to make any serious attempts at protecting players from the impact of serious brain injuries.

The Risk of Head Injuries

Because the risk of injury is part of the game, it falls under workers’ comp. Between the 1970s–1990s football players were told by the NFL to block opponents by using their helmets as a shield. This put their heads and necks directly in the way of harm. Former Detroit Lion’s Defensive End, Tracy Scroggins, filed a lawsuit alleging that the NFL knew the risks associated with football, specifically with head injuries.

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)

A devastating side effect of head injuries is CTE. This degenerative disease occurs in people with repetitive brain traumas such as veterans and athletes. CTE is a debilitating condition that causes a protein to form that gradually destroys brain cells. Jim McMahon, former Bears’ player, experienced multiple concussions, memory issues, and CTE. In 1986, McMahon was on the prize-winning Super bowl team. He and six other previous players were part of a lawsuit, citing negligence and misconduct by the league regarding head injuries. A year later, McMahon was diagnosed with beginning stage dementia at age 53. This degenerative condition is likely the result of CTE.

Workers Comp Injuries in Richmond, TX

Head injuries are serious business within the NFL and outside of it as well. Any workplace injury can be a very important matter for both the employee and the employer, at Frontline ER, we recognize that and will always do whatever is possible to make the process as smooth as possible for all involved. For any follow-ups about an employee who suffered a workplace injury, and received workplace injuries treatment in Richmond, TX, please call our patient care representative at (281) 607-7402.