Pediatric Concussion…Why is it such a headache?!

Pediatric Concussion…Why is it such a headache?!

Diagnosing and treating concussions that children acquire is one of the many problems Frontline ER Richmond sees every day. There are an estimated 1.9 million adolescents with concussions each year, and they most commonly occur after blunt force trauma to the head. They can be the result of indirect causes, but either way they can cause neurological or cognitive symptoms of impairment that can last anywhere from several hours to several months.

Concussion Symptoms

We use advanced methods and technology to determine whether your child will need more imaging services to assess the head for further trauma. The symptoms of concussions can include:

  • Somatic symptoms (nausea, fear of loud noises, extreme light sensitivity, headaches)
  • Emotion symptoms (emotional instability, irritability, mood swings)
  • Vestibular or Oculomotor symptoms (problems with hearing or dizziness)
  • Sleep issues (insomnia or drowsiness)
  • Cognitive symptoms (repeating words, phrases, or questions, feeling foggy or confused, disorientation, amnesia)

The severity of symptoms present in the patient let doctors a pediatric emergency care in Richmond, TX know exactly how your child is doing. Most children, to your relief, are discharged and can be looked after in the home after they receive the care they need at a pediatric emergency care near me.

One very real yet rare occurrence that we try to avoid is second impact syndrome. This is when patients get a second injury due to playing competitive sports or participating in other activities that may involve head impacts.

Over time the recommended treatment for concussions has changed due to advancing technology and new information about the body and its neurological processes. There is no collective agreement on the best treatment for concussions, but it is necessary to keep up with updates and recommendations from the both the CDC, or Centers for Disease Control, and the AAP, or American Academy of Pediatrics.

Children must be monitored, and if you are ever worried about symptoms there is a pediatric emergency care 77407 center in Richmond for the needs of you and your entire family. Pediatric emergency care in Richmond is nearby to help with whatever your child may be experiencing.