Safe Haven Baby Dropoff

Safe Haven Baby Dropoff

If you are in the difficult position where you are responsible for a newborn you can’t care for, you have options. There are safe places where you can drop off your infant without facing judgment or questions.

Parents in dire straits have the Safe Haven law on their side; it helps them find a safe place to leave their little one in good hands. It is a desperate, overwhelming and lonely state for parents who can’t provide for their infants. The Safe Haven law, aka the Baby Moses law, offers a legal choice and designated haven. Parents can place their infant in the hands of a worker at a hospital, fire station, emergency care clinic or EMS station. The transfer will always be confidential, and the child will receive necessary medical treatment and be transferred to an emergency care provider.

Parent Information:

  • The infant must be two months old or under, safe and unharmed.
  • Any hospital, fire station, emergency medical station or freestanding emergency care clinic in Texas will accept your baby.
  • Your newborn needs to be handed to a worker of any of these designated drops off areas. Be sure to mention that you are there to place your infant at a Safe Haven.
  • Be prepared to provide medical or family history information so your baby gets appropriate care.

Your infant may be examined at a healthcare facility if your baby is left at an EMS or fire station for any needed medical attention. Keep in mind, if your child is left at a designated safe place, you won’t be charged with neglect or abandonment.
Please contact Baby Safe Haven, or The Baby Moses Project, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), for more information, or call the Texas Baby Moses Hotline at 1-877-904-SAVE