Top 5 Most Common Work-Related Injuries

Top 5 Most Common Work-Related Injuries

Work-related injuries occur much too frequently, leaving hurt employees in need of recuperative chiropractic care.

Every year’s thousands of injuries happen in the workplace, ranging from minor slips and falls to life-threatening or life-altering disabilities.

Depending on your job, every worker faces potential hazards that can lead to injury regularly.

Common Work-Related Injuries

The following is a list of the top five most common work-related injuries that chiropractors treat every day:

  • Slips, Trips, and Falls

    Doctors see patients for slip and fall accidents all the time, these are the most common types of work-related injuries. In just about any occupation, an employee may come across an unmarked wet floor and wind up hurt and out of commission. With this type of fall, it is easy to break a bone or damage soft tissue. In some cases, a slip and fall incident will require weeks or months of regular chiropractic treatment to restore normal function.

  • Repetitive Strain Injury

    Many jobs require duties that involve repetitive motions making this type of injury commonplace. Although repetitive strain injuries occur often, some employer chooses not to take them seriously.

    A common way that workers develop repetitive strain injuries at work is regular typing at a keyboard. This repeated task can lead to:

    • Vision problems
    • Back issues
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • And more

    Typically, the upper body is affected including the hands, wrist, elbow, forearm, shoulders, and neck. These injuries develop over time and become more problematic the longer you perform the same continuous tasks.

    Employers can reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries by using properly set up ergonomic equipment and providing essential employee training.

  • Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

    On the job, motor vehicle accidents happen quite frequently. Whether the mishap involves tractor trailers or cars, the result can be a badly banged driver.

    Bad things happen even when a worker takes all the necessary driving precaution and obeys all traffic laws. Sometimes accidents occur due to another driver’s negligence.

    Depending on how serious the accident was, victims may fact years of suffering, requiring extensive treatments or surgical procedures to recover.

    The employee can do their part by completing driver training, following traffic laws and always wearing a seatbelt.

    But, unfortunately, no one can predict the actions of others. All you can do be attentive while behind the wheel and do your best to avoid trouble.

  • Being Hit by Falling Objects

    Objects get dropped or fall off equipment or shelves and lead to serious injuries. Most often the damage is caused to the head.

    If an employee is hit by a falling object with full force, the person can be left with lacerations, cuts, a concussion or blindness.

    These types of injuries are not reserved for warehouse employees, but take place in any workplace that has high areas that store objects.

    By providing adequate storage areas, and instructing workers on how to properly store supplies can help them avoid falling object injuries.

  • Muscle Strain

    Any worker who lifts heavy objects regularly on the job is very susceptible to back and neck muscle strain injuries.

    Many workers avoid seeing a doctor after suffering a muscle strain injury. People tend to think the issue will correct itself in a few days. However, the longer someone waits to seek medical attention, the worse the problem can become.

    Most muscle strains can be prevented with proper lifting and employee training.