Top Fall Illnesses and How to Prevent Them

Top Fall Illnesses and How to Prevent Them

Fall can be a wonderful time. The leaves on the trees start to turn a beautiful golden color and then gently fall to the ground, blanketing the cool earth. You might start being able to see your breath in the morning. However, along with the subtle beauty that fall brings you, it also brings along with it a wave of sicknesses that just seem to so easily spread in fall when we are all cooped up inside together.

In this article, we are going to consider the top four Fall illnesses that you need to keep an eye out for. Of course, prevention is the best method of protecting yourself. Below you will learn about what you can do to prevent these four dangerous Fall illnesses.

The Flu

The Flu is a dreaded enemy for people all over the world. The flu season starts in Fall and lasts all the way through May. This is the top Fall illness that you want to prevent because it can even be life-threatening for young children and aging adults. It can also lead to more serious illness such as pneumonia or bronchitis.

The flu is spread from one person to another by means of a microscopic virus. Cooler weather and people being in closer proximity to one another make it easier for the flu to spread. The best prevention of the flu is to get the flu shot every year. Also, you should be washing your hands regularly to avoid the transfer of germs.

Common Colds

Along with the flu comes the common cold. Thankfully, the common cold is a lot less severe, but it can still put you out of work for a few days. It would be in your best interest to avoid this unfortunate illness. The thing to worry about the cold is that it, like its name suggests, is extremely common. You are much more likely to contract this illness than the flu.

Unlike the flu, there is no vaccine available. Wash your hands thoroughly after using the bathroom and periodically throughout the day even if you might otherwise think it is unneeded. Cover your mouth and nose whenever you sneeze and avoid crowded spaces when possible. Typically, your body is able to fight off the common cold without becoming full-fledged sick. In order for this to be your outcome your immune system must be strong. Strengthen it by eating a balanced diet, keeping your stress levels low, and getting enough sleep every night.