A Healthy Mind Means a Healthy Body

We all work too hard and really should listen better.  Studies have shown being socially well means your body is also healthy. And maintaining our brain health as we age can help stave off dementia, memory loss and other brain function issues.

Overwork and chronic stress can have long-term consequences.  If you are a workaholic, your all-work-and-no-play lifestyle can lead to:

  • Increased fat in the body.
  • Retention of salt.
  • Lower resistance to cancer, infections and illness.
  • Reduced fertility and sexual performance.
  • Exacerbated diabetes.
  • Aggravated blood pressure, cholesterol and circulatory issues.

Along the same lines, loneliness and isolation can also take a toll on your physical health. If you are lonely or if you know someone who is isolated, giving the gift of companionship can not only help your friend but your spirits will brighten as well.  Whether they are suffering from grief or have financial stress, driving off loneliness can help hold back depression and put a smile on a face in need. And give you something to smile about, too.

“A burden shared is a burden halved.” – T.A. Webb

Perhaps the best way to improve your health and outlook is by being quiet and just listening.  As the saying goes, “God gave you two ears and one mouth, so you could listen twice as much as you talk.” By tuning into the world around you (natural sounds, the voices of others), you find yourself more calm, leading to lowered blood pressure, lowered anxiety and, honestly, you might learn something!

Frontline ER prides ourselves in having some of the best-trained ER doctors and nurses around along with state-of-the-art treatments for a variety of conditions.  Our facilities are fully equipped and a clean and safe environment, featuring private rooms and a full-service lab and dispensary. We bill out-of-network for most insurance plans but accept what the networks pay.

Frontline ER is an acute care emergency room providing healthcare services to the communities we live and work within. Give us a call or contact us through our website should you have more questions about our services.

*photos courtesy of Unsplash (photographers: Luis Villasmil, Dustin Belt and Franco Antonio Giovanella)


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