Houston Location

Frontline Emergency Room is looking for a Physicians Assistant who enjoys the practice of medicine. At Frontline we have an excellent support staff with experienced nurses and radiology technicians. Only emails sent to careers@frontlineer.com will be considered, please do not call.


Current Texas Licensure as a Physician Assistant
Currently in good standing with your professional board
Current Physician Assistant certification issued by the National Commission of Certification of Physician Assistants
Basic Life Support (BLS) certified or specialty required by the department
Proficient in the use of medical and surgical instruments and equipment required by work

Position Key Accountabilities:

  1. Conducts complex, standardized patient care procedures which require experience and specialized training which would otherwise be performed by a physician but which do not constitute the practice of medicine.
  2. Assesses patient’s medical complaints and provides appropriate treatment.
  3. Utilizes advanced assessment skills to anticipate complex patient problems while communicating information to supervising / attending physician.
  4. Assists in collecting patient histories.
  5. Performs physical examinations and provides episodic care or problem-oriented care under the supervision of a physician.
  6. Orders appropriate laboratory tests and interprets the laboratory data such as blood and urine samples.
  7. Monitors the treatment program of the patient to inform the attending physician of pertinent medical/surgical information.
  8. Provides guidance and instruction to patients on preventive health care or postsurgical care.
  9. Assists physicians in formulating therapeutic decisions.
    Enters chart documentation for review and countersignature by the physician
  10. Responds to emergency situations.
  11. Performs other duties as assigned.
  12. Maximize short term observation protocols
  13. Maintain a high level of an accurate chart documentation
  14. Responsible for patient callbacks to ensure wellbeing and care

Benefit Conditions:

Paid Training:

Please email your resume to careers@frontlineer.com. Only emails sent to careers@frontlineer.com will be considered, please do not call.