Tips to Avoid Injuries On the Job

Tips to Avoid Injuries On the Job

Americans, as well as people all over the world, are working more and more each year. With all of this additional time on the job, safety becomes even more important. Every year there are thousands of workplace accidents that lead to death and thousands more that result in serious injury. You don’t want to become part of that statistic, so it’s best to follow some simple tips to reduce your chances of being injured on the job.

Follow your company safety plan closely.

Your company knows what typical workplace hazards are as well as a typical workplace injury. They have already investigated the most dangerous aspects of the job and have created a safety plan for you. It’s Important to adhere to that plan closely because if you don’t, you are putting yourself at risk.

Attend safety training.

Even if you have heard the information before, a refresher never hurts. Skipping these meetings month after month and year after year can significantly increase your risk of injury.

Keep your workspace clean.

Clutter is conducive to injury. You can avoid slipping, tripping, or falling by keeping liquids from spilling and clearing the floor space of unnecessary clutter.

Do your part to protect others.

Your coworkers are part of your team, and while it is important to keep yourself safe. Firstly, if you see someone in a hazardous situation, speak up and help them out of it.

Use equipment properly.

The misuse of equipment is one of the biggest causes of serious injury and fatality in the workplace. Being well educated on the use of heavy equipment is necessary for proper usage.

Report hazards to your supervisor.

If new hazards appear or you find a hazard that has been overlooked, always report it to your supervisor so that it can be taken care of quickly before anyone gets hurt.

If you follow these simple tips, you should be able to greatly reduce your risk of injury and avoid a trip to the emergency room!


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