Preventing Workplace Injuries

preventing workplace injuries

Accidents may be unavoidable, but there are precautions you can take to either minimize the chances of one happening or minimizing the damage when it does. It’s commonly thought that accidents only happen in high-risk environments, but the truth is, they can happen in any workplace. Here are a few ways you can make your workplace a safer place.

Keep the workplace clean.

A messy workplace can be hazardous. Besides potentially creating tripping hazards such as exposed cords and cables, a cluttered workplace can make it hard to maneuver around. Keeping the work area clean and organized can help improve productivity as well as reduce the risk of accidents.

Report dangers and accidents.

Employees have a responsibility to report accidents that do occur as well as any dangers that they observe in their workplace. Employers subsequently are obligated to follow up on these reports to make sure that any hazards are attended to.

Properly train all employees.

This step may often be overlooked in an effort to maximize efficiency, but it pays off for everyone in the long run if all employees are properly trained for their respective positions, including proper use of any equipment and knowledge of safety procedures.

Avoid shortcuts.

Again, attempting to be efficient or simply laziness or carelessness can cause employees to cut corners or fail to adhere to safety procedures. These situations can easily lead to accidents and are simply avoided by always observing best practices.

Employees all play a part in keeping each other safe in the work environment, but employers especially have a responsibility to create a safe environment. Employers and supervisors need to ensure that signs are properly posted and that safety procedures are enforced. If vehicles are provided by the company and utilized to complete tasks, they should be properly maintained and serviced. Employees should be provided with sufficient safety equipment to do their jobs.

By following these tips, accidents should be kept to a minimum.


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