Recent Study Highlights Migraine’s Impact on Quality of Life


The Emergency Care in Richmond is available to you 24/7 as well as our Migraine Emergency Treatment, Richmond.

If you have ever suffered from a migraine or ever known anyone who has had a migraine, they can tell you that having migraines and the symptoms that go with them leave a toll. Not only do they seem to live on for eternity but anticipating that you are about to suffer a migraine is hard to predict. Some say that increasing stress and the fallout from a migraine can seriously impact your mental health. What it adds up to is that with chronic or episodic migraines they both impact the quality of your life.

In some studies it has been noted that some of the specific effects for the chronic migraine sufferers include the ability to concentrate. But the chronic migraine population in total suffered more from disruption of sleep, and other problems like vertigo, dizziness. In the worst case scenarios the sufferers were experiencing cognitive effects. In some of the chronic migraine cases it was linked with other types of symptoms to help understand the pathway of the migraine.

As patients who suffer from migraines know and will tell you, when a migraine starts everything that goes with it will hit you. Sometimes you feel like a big mac truck might as well run over your head. You know to expect that you will not sleep well, and not being able to concentrate and find the right words when you get up to speak publicly. What makes it even harder to deal with is that the conditions are all intermixed. It is not just the lack of good sleep that might be the trigger for your migraine, but it will or could affect your cognitive abilities and your concentration. Every day you have a migraine robs you of a day of life.

It seems that a vicious cycle emerges, and the migraine attacks seem to set up their own conditions for their prevalence. If you happen to be a sufferer, be very mindful of your own body and pay attention to your symptoms and how they affect you. The more you can understand your own migraines, you will be a step ahead in helping your physician in his finding a way to lessen your episodes or severity.

Frontline Emergency Room near you in the Emergency Care in Richmond is ready to help you with your migraines. Our Migraine Emergency Room is prepared to infuse medications that most outpatient infusion centers use, BUT we can offer the more advanced type treatments like conscious sedation by using Ketamine and Propofol. With some of the latest migraine research it has shown these drugs are to be exceedingly successful, as they are non-narcotic methods which cannot be given on an outpatient treatment basis.

Our Emergency Migraine Treatment will:

  • Give you a calm environment with immediate attention
  • On hand the ability to utilize more advanced infusion medications for migraines
  • Specialized ER clinicians who are highly trained in migraines
  • An Emergency Migraine Treatment group with a 95% success rate for migraine relief
  • A Migraine Treatment center that is used by neurologists all through the Richmond area

You can trust the clinicians and physicians in the Migraine Emergency room in Richmond to get you the quickest relief possible.


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