7 Things Not to Say to Migraine Sufferers

7 Things Not to Say to Migraine Sufferers

If you know someone who suffers from migraine attacks, you probably want to help them as much as possible without the risk of doing or saying anything that might make them feel worse.

Following are some tips to help you steer clear of the wrong things to say.

  • Never tell the person you know how they feel. It’s impossible to know that, and saying such a thing provides absolutely no comfort to them.
  • Never tell the person that you know someone who gets migraines. Again, this really doesn’t matter to the person who is in pain to the point that they may be seeking migraine emergency treatment in Richmond.
  • Never tell the person that they’re welcome to join you on whatever they’ve just had to bow out of because of their migraine after the pain subsides. Why set them up for disappointment if they remain in pain well after the event is over?
  • Never tell the person that their migraines could be from their diet or other lifestyle choices, or offer up alternative therapies like meditation or acupuncture. When someone is in the throngs of pain, the last thing they want to think about is lifestyle changes.
  • Never offer the person some of your own medication. Not only is this illegal, but it’s a health risk.
  • Never make a fuss over them or start to coddle them. The only thing a person with a migraine wants is for the migraine to go away. If they need anything from you, they’ll ask.
  • Never tell them that they’ll soon be feeling better. Again, since you’re not the one suffering from the migraine attack, how can you know this?

Since not much is known about the real cause of migraines, it’s best to leave the advice and treatment to the professionals.

But there is such a thing as migraine emergency treatment.

Instead of potentially saying something wrong, why not instead offer to take them to the doctor or for emergency care to Frontline ER in Richmond if they’re unable to manage the pain on their own.


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