Explanation of Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Explanation of Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Our team at Frontline ER in Richmond provides immediate assistance to those in the nearby areas. There are a lot of people that can be apart of helping just one individual. They all work together to provide people like you with the highest quality of care in the moment. We want to help the community better understand what we do and what the terminology means. Continue reading on to learn the explanation of several different emergency medical services (EMS).

What Is Emergency Medical Service (EMS)?

This is the medical response service which travels to provide medical assistance on the spot and transportation to a nearby facility, such as our own. There are many different names associated with EMS, including the paramedic service, but they all provide the same essential services. The goal for emergency medical services is to treat the patients immediate needs and to transport them to a nearby medical facility.

The Star Of Life

The Star of Life is a commonly seen symbol and has six arms which refer to the following:

  • Early detection. Someone identifies a problem.
  • Early reporting. Whoever identifies the problem calls for immediate medical assistance.
  • Early response. The professionals or volunteers arrive to the scene.
  • Good on scene care. The appropriate treatments are administered to the patient.
  • Care in transit. The patient is loaded on the ambulance and treated along the way.
  • Transfer to definitive care. The EMS deliver the patient to the emergency care department of a nearby hospital and brief the staff on the patient.

Different levels of care involve Advanced Life Support (ALS), Basic Life Support (BLS), and Critical Care Transport (CCT).

  • Advanced Life Support involves an ambulance driver, ambulance care assist, emergency medical technician, and an emergency medical dispatcher.
  • Basic Life Support. Paramedics are also involved in BLS as they have a greater range of skills.
  • Critical Care Transport. A critical care paramedic has an even higher level of certification then a regular paramedic.

As you can easily see, there are a large number of people behind every 911 call who are dedicated to serving the public’s needs.


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