Turn Your Day Around by Giving Blood This January During National Blood Donor Month

Donate blood and save lives.

Pledge to Give Blood Twice in 2022 to Help Save Lives

You can turn your day around through a simple, essential act — donating blood — and in the process, save up to three lives. Beginning this January with the arrival of National Blood Donor Month, ADRP, an International Division of America’s Blood Centers, and the national blood community are asking all eligible individuals to commit to donating blood at least twice throughout 2022. 

With Houston and other communities nationwide facing a significant drop in blood donations due to the ongoing disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the time for individuals, businesses, schools, and others to make a difference by donating blood or hosting a blood drive. If every individual pledges and follows through on donating blood at least one more time than they did in 2021, blood shortages would be eliminated. 

It is safe and easy to donate blood and all eligible individuals are encouraged to schedule an appointment to give blood to ensure its availability for all patients in need. 

This National Blood Donor Month, we thank all current and future blood donors for committing to turn your day around by making an appointment to donate blood and helping blood centers perform their essential, lifesaving work. 

During emergencies and for ongoing patient care, it is the blood on the shelf that has been donated, collected, tested, and processed that saves lives. Blood centers nationwide strive to always maintain three or more days of blood for routine or emergency need. Right now, many communities have two days or less, putting patient care at risk. 

Be the difference in saving a life by making blood donation a habit this January and committing to donate at least twice this year. 





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