5 Tips to Keep Your Kids Healthy This Cold and Flu Season

Your children need to be protected during cold and flu season. This is the time they are most susceptible to illnesses and diseases spread around the classroom and home by friends and family members. Frontline ER Richmond recommends a few ways to keep your kids healthy and happy throughout flu season.

Start the day with a healthy breakfast.

A healthy meal in the morning gives your child’s body and immune system the energy it needs to stay focused and perform efficiently. Snacks can include baby carrots, celery sticks, oranges, apples, strawberries, granola bars, and other fruits, nuts, and vegetables that can be grabbed while on the go.

Get enough rest.

Experts in flue treatment in Richmond, TX recommend that your children should be getting enough sleep so that they can be healthy and awake during the day. The amount of sleep your child gets also affects how their immune systems functions and protects them from bacteria and germs that are spread by others.

Wash hands often and use hand sanitizer.

One very important way to reduce the likelihood of your child catching an illness or spreading germs is to encourage frequent handwashing. Washing hands gets rid of germs and significantly reduces the chance of contracting diseases, colds, or the flu.

Encourage healthy habits.

Teach your children to cover their mouth when they cough so that they do not spread airborne diseases and illnesses. You can prevent others from getting sick by showing your child the proper way to cough or sneeze.

Avoid touching the face while in public areas.

Germs are everywhere when you are in a public area like a school or movie theater. Make sure not to touch your face, where germs or bacteria can easily enter your body and cause illnesses like the common cold and flu.

Prevention is the best way to get rid of a cough or cold, but if your child gets sick this flu season, they can get flu treatment in 75214 at a hospital near me.


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